Implement and optimize your personalized plan

Your personal financial advisor can develop and implement a strategy built entirely around your unique needs—then make adjustments as your life unfolds. The strategy we can create will be unique to you and can be designed to help you feel more in control over your financial decisions.


Measure your financial priorities

Your advisor creates your Priority Action List to help bring focus to a disciplined plan to reach your goals.

Track where you stand relative to your goals.

Measure your progress on outstanding action items.

A portfolio built around your values, priorities and beliefs

After we determine your target-risk profile and an asset allocation to match, we can create and implement a customized portfolio that reflects your investing preferences.

Additional guidance to address complex investment needs.

Ongoing research, guidance and oversight of your plan.

Adaptation of your portfolio as your life unfolds and goals change.

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Guidance-driven risk management

At any stage of life, insurance helps provide confidence today and security for the future. Our experienced team can design and implement innovative insurance strategies tailored to your unique risks and goals.

Discuss potential tax consequences of annuities and life insurance.

Determine liquidity when your heirs need it most.

Evaluate your existing assets.

Consider insured retirement options.

Access your information on your terms

Work with your advisor to manage your financial life anywhere, anytime via our dynamic online portal. We help you take charge through life’s changes with complete visibility and total control—no matter how complex life can become.

Access, store and review all of your financial information in one place.

View your complete financial life in real time from any device.

Communicate with your advisor 24/7 through email and VideoMessenger.

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Your financial life summary

Your advisor will help prepare a modern, comprehensive summary of your financial picture, priorities and investments tied to a goal-based action plan. It’s a consolidated summary of your entire financial life with step-by-step support to keep you informed, engaged and motivated. As your priorities change and your financial strategy adapts, your advisor will update your plan and help you stay on track.

Summarize your priorities.

Review your portfolios and action plan.

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